We have previously disclosed that we have a property under contract that we felt was ideally suited for many of our facility goals, but which would start out as a women’s facility.  We had enlisted the financing opportunity available to non-profits through the USDA and went a good ways down the road in the application process when the USDA came back with the requirement that we first be licensed and providing service before they would fund the loan.

Catch 22.  The USDA wants us licensed, Tennessee licenses facilities.

We counted the property all but lost, but the owners have come forward with the proposal that we rent the detached bed and breakfast building and be allowed kitchen and laundry access so we could meet the USDA requirements and get the funding we need.

Our requirements are now much lower and $5,000 will get us in and started down the road to completion of the requirements

We are looking for any help with those funds we can get.  Please consider what you can do.