Pirate Springs is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation working to make the community safer and more productive by helping addicts, alcoholics, and victims of abuse recover and reintegrate with society as productive citizens rather than remaining chronically needy or career criminals.

We provide recovery and reintegration assistance and have decades of experience helping those who need our services, as well as more than ten years of proven performance with Clean Time, the gap employment services of the program.

Our recovery facility for women makes it possible for women to engage in recovery and learn a new way in an atmosphere of full time recovery. Pirate Springs’ long term recovery program.

Our Clean Living Plus homes offer men a step above sober living in terms of accountability and fellowship inclusivity, with enough freedom to develop their job skills or careers, while having added resources and case management available to them. Men’s Clean Living Plus Program.

We are a charitable organization that helps up rather than hands out.  Our program participants get the help they need to succeed not a self-perpetuating handout which creates dependence on assistance.  Hundreds of individuals have found help here to make it to the next stage  of their recovery!