Over the course of four years of operations, Pirate Springs, through its Clean Time division, has given 141 individuals from all over Tennessee, living in local half way houses, transitional employment enabling them pay obligations while training or searching for more permanent employment or making career choices.

Since opening Ocoee Mist Manner in November of 2017, our long term residential recovery program for women, we have housed 64 women and over a dozen children.

The Metric we use to gauge our success is how many Ocoee Mist graduates maintain a recovery lifestyle, free from drugs and alcohol one year after graduation.

Traditional 28-30 day rehab programs range between 6% and 10% using this metric.

Long term programs improve to 40% – 45%

Ocoee Mist Manor is currently at 70%!

We serve a population which is underserved and high risk; women, women with children, and no insurance. Our geographic footprint in terms of clientele is all of Tennessee, North Georgia and Kentucky.

We have become the agency of choice for referrals from many rehab organizations following treatment, as well as state agencies. While working with DCS, Probation, Courts, and other agencies we have initiated successful reunification of families and helped a number of clients restore broken relationships.  If you could sit with just one of our successes and listen to their story and their experience with us, your heart would melt.

We believe our success is due to our loving, family type environment and the experience the founders have as recovering addicts themselves and one who has gone on the become a Social Worker, earning her Master’s Degree in Social Work with an emphasis in Mental Health. This coupled with the other’s experience as a pastor offers a powerful dynamic in leading and guiding our clients to developing solid recovery foundations with spiritual and emotional healing underway prior to graduation.

For the community this creates an impact that results in less crime, lower tax payer expense for law enforcement, court costs, costs of incarceration, property theft and damage, medical costs, etc., plus the positive benefit of healthier happier families.

At the level at which we operate today, we have paid all of our bills on time with only 8% of our revenue coming from donations. Here is a look at our average month.

Program Revenue

Clean Time average revenue                        $14,000
Ocoee Mist Manor average fee revenue     $  5,000
Other Revenue

TN-ARP                                                            $  1,250

TOTAL                                                              $20,250

Expense                                                            $22,000

Over/Under –                                                  $   1,750 (made up for in donations)

We have added to our equity base each year with no negative year ends. With that said, no staff member has received a paycheck, and there is room on the property to grow, so resources are badly needed.

Pirate Springs has shown it has the ability to make a difference in the Addiction/Recovery environment and needs support to expand the reach and increase capacity. We have accomplished a lot without much help at all, and I can’t help but imagine what we could do if we could rally some community support.

Does this look like the kind of impact you want to support?

Do you want to make a real difference?

We are always happy to talk to prospective donors about our operation and our philosophies around addiction and recovery if you want to call.

Or write your year-end deductible charitable donation check today! Get behind something you can be proud of and watch us grow.

Thanks in advance for reading and considering us.

Paul G. Hook


[email protected]