Below is our first 3 1/2 years of financial performance.

Having begun operations officially on July 1, 2016 we closed out our 2016  operations with 6 full months of activity.  We are still pleased with our ratios.

As you can see we have done this with little public or corporate support thus far.  Imagine what we could do with some assistance.

Donations     $2,765.00 3.97%
Program Income   $66,888.72 94.98%
Total Revenue   $69,653.72 100.00%
Direct Participant Benefit $44,320.54 66.26%
Program Support   $14,251.00 21.31%
Admin and Operations   $5,092.20 7.31%

Retained earnings of $6,416.27 allows us to reduce our A/P and still remain in a sustainable cash position.

The Clean Time Program, which is the employment program of the Organization, provided transitional employment to 36 individuals during 2016, and has been self sustaining.

Our 1st 6 months of 2017 now in the books here are how the numbers look and we left the last 6 months of 2016 up for comparison.

Donations     $3,097.00 2.65%
Program Income   $113,702.66 97.35%
Total Revenue   $116,799.66 100.00%
Direct Participant Benefit $86,323.49 73.91%
Program Support   $17,670.65 15.13%
Admin and Operations   $7,805.52 6.68%

Below is the full 2017 results

Donations     $21,424.00 8.69%
Program Income   $225,133.13 91.31%
Total Revenue   $246,557.13 100.00%
Direct Participant Benefit $175,491.28 75.67%
Program Support   $43,029.37 18.55%
 Admin and Operations      $11,054.11  4.77%
Total Expense   $229,574.76 99.29%

We had a write off for bad debt of $2,184.96 (.079% of revenue) which is the difference in Total Expense above..

We held a net gain of $14,797.41 to assist with activities going into 2018 and we believe that this, along with the generous donations of our supporters, will allow us to continue with our new addition, the Ocoee Mist Manor and BunkHouse – Recovery for Women and Women with Children.

As we move forward with our model, your help will allow us to expand and grow capacity to serve even more.

Program Income is income earned through Pressure Washing, Construction Labor, and Cleaning, plus bed fees at Ocoee Mist.  Direct Participant Benefit is the contractor fees paid to Program participants and other charitable assistance we provide.

Below is our full 2018 results

Donations     $  20,796.70     7.79%
Program Income   $246,171.26   92.21%
Total Revenue   $266,967.96 100.00%
Direct Participant Benefit $152,239.00 59.05%
Program Support   $86,964.06 33.73%
 Admin and Operations      $18,614.38  7.22%
Total Expense   $257,817.44 96.57%

Our ratios in expenses changed quite a bit in the area of Program Support due to the expense of the residential facility (Ocoee Mist Manor), but we held administrative expenses down even though our insurance expenses grew significantly ($8k annually).  We still increased our capital base by $9,150.52 over 2017.

2019 Numbers are in!

Donations     $ $20,845     6.79%
State Contracts     $ $22,397     7.30%
Program Income   $263,737.94   85.91%
Total Revenue   $306,980.18 100.00%
Direct Participant Benefit $191,475.87 64.29%
Program Support   $89,137.06 29.93%
 Admin and Operations      $17,197.57  5.77%
Total Expense   $297,810.50 97.01%

We have continued to improve in most areas, and are looking now for foundation or other philanthropic help to move into the next phase of our agency plan which includes purchasing the ranch we occupy, hiring two or three employees, and expansion (which will also significantly include income growth). We increased our capital base by $9,169.88 over 2018.