Why Donate to Pirate Springs?

When you donate to Pirate Springs, you are not giving a hand out but a hand up and you’re helping to save lives. Funds are invested in helping people learn a new way to live and to be productive.

Our largest effort of the past couple of years has been giving women the time and the love to learn a new way of life. Re-uniting many with their children, and other family members. Teaching them how to cope with life and establishing a solid recovery foundation. They get counseling for trauma, anger, grief, parenting, or whatever else is adding to the burden that drives them to escape their feelings with the chemicals of thier addictions.

We don’t charge our clients enough to cover the overhead of the facility and programming, but our results have been phenomenal so we remain committed and your donations make up the difference.

With a larger donor base we could even think about expansion so we can increase capacity as our partner agencies hope we can do soon.

It doesn’t end there….

$300 to buy a commercial weed eater for Clean Time Yard and Lawn Care program keeps a program participant employed as they make the transition from non-productive drain on society to employed and productive, tax paying, self-supporting members of the community.

After paying the program participants and helping them re-establish a solid work ethic, responsible time management, self-respect and hope for a future, there is profit.  That profit is income derived from the programs purpose and is not subject to Federal Income Tax so it must be returned to the program and furthers the purpose of the program, which is to assist our clients in becoming responsible and productive members of the community.

What Does Our Program Include?

Pirate Springs provides treatment, housing, life reintegration, and employment services to individuals recovering from addiction, alcoholism, or abuse; from a place of compassion because those who are part of Pirate Springs have been where our clients are.  We believe that the life of another, any other, is of supreme value and worth saving.  Through this work, the local community benefits many ways.

Who We Serve

Our services are available to addicts, alcoholics, victims of abuse (including sex trafficking), and their families.

While the larger percentage of our clients are addicts and alcoholics, we recognize that those who suffer from addictions other than to drugs (e.g. pornography, gambling, etc.) suffer the same symptomology and consequences as drug addicts and that the additional cross section of abuse victims parallel the addict and alcoholic in treatment and reintegration requirements, they are therefore included in our target client profiles.

Helping Without a Direct Donation

You don’t have to write a check or donate an item to help.  Our Clean Time program employs many of our program participants in services ranging from pressure washing and auto detailing to home and office cleaning, construction clean up and more.  Where else can you hire a crew to get something done and be helping the community at the same time?