Dig Deep and Find the Treasure Buried Deep Within .... You!

Please consider any size donation to help!

Below are other items we need to continue to drive the program forward.

Current Needs

Funds to cover the balance of our Septic System Repair ($1,100)

15 Passenger Van or Bus Thank you, Cho Cho, for donating a 15 passenger van! 

A Diesel Mechanic to fix our tractor. Fixed it ourselves, yayy!


Women’s Toiletries and Feminine Products $250.00 or items
(We use a lot of paper products!)
Laundry Soap $50.00 or items
Gently Used (or new) Clothing items
Children’s Toys – Open Amount
Rent Scholarship Funds (@ $125 per week) – Open Amount

For Clean Time

Commercial Zero Turn Mower $6,399.00
Trailer $1,499.00
Cash Flow Support (receivable average 20 days) $8,000.00
Work Truck $30,000.00

Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum $348.88
Steam Cleaner $1,200.00

Housing – Women’s

Phase 1 Environmental Report $1,600.00

Building Fund – Additional capacity to house 18 more women and a commercial kitchen/dining room to handle the additional mouths to feed. Total 3,600 sq ft on two floors $360,000


Presentation Development $1,000.00
Presentation Equipment $1,500.00


Printing $1,000.00
Postage $150.00