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Captain Hook’s Crew

Whereas: I, the undersigned believe that the work of Pirate Springs is good, and,

Whereas: I want to be a part of this work and be part of the Crew,

I hereby pledge to support Pirate Springs for my rank and title as follows:

Admiral’s Club:                               $1,000 or more per month

First Mate – Lieutenant:                   $   500 to $999 per month

Sergeant at Arms                              $   100 to $499 per month

Swashbuckler                                   $    10  to $  99 per month

Ship’s Crew                                      $ any one time donation $0 – $99

Any one time donation equivalent to 10 times a rank’s minimum will be commissioned at that rank.

I swear to the above by entering my info below.

If you want us to send an invoice monthly send an email to [email protected] with your name, and address, and the amount of your pledge and whether you want us to mail or email the invoice.

If you want to use a credit or debit card go one of the two following pages.

Single Donation

Monthly Donation