Pirate Springs has been in operation since August of 2015.  Since that time the Clean Time division has employed 168 individuals in early recovery enabling them to pay bed fees, court fines, restitution, child support, and more, while they rebuild their lives and become societal contributors versus criminal offenders.  The residential division has accepted 185 women as long term residential recovery clients, boasting a 70%+ success rate among graduates through the end of 2023.

Since January 1, 2024, Pirate Springs has opened two men’s Sober Living + homes in Bradley County offering 10 beds for men looking to change their lives and become productive citizens.  Two more will be open by May 1, 2024 offering an additional 12 beds, one of them being in North Georgia.

Our trauma informed approach and personal experience in recovery makes our clients feel accepted and part of something greater than their individual situations.

Clients come to our agency from all over Tennessee as well as small numbers from surrounding states.

Through effective case management, high accountability programming, fellowship, mentoring, inter-agency cooperation and referral, lives are transformed.

The impact of the transformation from being among the criminal element to productive members of society is difficult to measure but substantial.