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Video Testimonial

Please watch this 7:43 video testimonial to learn more about us.

Pirate Springs at Year End 2019

Over the course of four years of operations, Pirate Springs, through its Clean Time division, has given 141 individuals from all over Tennessee, living in local half way houses, transitional employment enabling them pay obligations while training or searching for more permanent employment or making career choices.

Since opening Ocoee Mist Manner in November of 2017, our long term residential recovery program for women, we have housed 64 women and over a dozen children.

The Metric we use to gauge our success is how many Ocoee Mist graduates maintain a recovery lifestyle, free from drugs and alcohol one year after graduation.

Traditional 28-30 day rehab programs range between 6% and 10% using this metric.

Long term programs improve to 40% – 45%

Ocoee Mist Manor is currently at 70%!

We serve a population which is underserved and high risk; women, women with children, and no insurance. Our geographic footprint in terms of clientele is all of Tennessee, North Georgia and Kentucky.

We have become the agency of choice for referrals from many rehab organizations following treatment, as well as state agencies. While working with DCS, Probation, Courts, and other agencies we have initiated successful reunification of families and helped a number of clients restore broken relationships.  If you could sit with just one of our successes and listen to their story and their experience with us, your heart would melt.

We believe our success is due to our loving, family type environment and the experience the founders have as recovering addicts themselves and one who has gone on the become a Social Worker, earning her Master’s Degree in Social Work with an emphasis in Mental Health. This coupled with the other’s experience as a pastor offers a powerful dynamic in leading and guiding our clients to developing solid recovery foundations with spiritual and emotional healing underway prior to graduation.

For the community this creates an impact that results in less crime, lower tax payer expense for law enforcement, court costs, costs of incarceration, property theft and damage, medical costs, etc., plus the positive benefit of healthier happier families.

At the level at which we operate today, we have paid all of our bills on time with only 8% of our revenue coming from donations. Here is a look at our average month.

Program Revenue

Clean Time average revenue                        $14,000
Ocoee Mist Manor average fee revenue     $  5,000
Other Revenue

TN-ARP                                                            $  1,250

TOTAL                                                              $20,250

Expense                                                            $22,000

Over/Under –                                                  $   1,750 (made up for in donations)

We have added to our equity base each year with no negative year ends. With that said, no staff member has received a paycheck, and there is room on the property to grow, so resources are badly needed.

Pirate Springs has shown it has the ability to make a difference in the Addiction/Recovery environment and needs support to expand the reach and increase capacity. We have accomplished a lot without much help at all, and I can’t help but imagine what we could do if we could rally some community support.

Does this look like the kind of impact you want to support?

Do you want to make a real difference?

We are always happy to talk to prospective donors about our operation and our philosophies around addiction and recovery if you want to call.

Or write your year-end deductible charitable donation check today! Get behind something you can be proud of and watch us grow.

Thanks in advance for reading and considering us.

Paul G. Hook


[email protected]


A Textbook Example

This is the way it is supposed to work … Sort of.

On October 30 I got a phone call from a woman in Rockwood, Tn. She was looking for a place for another woman that was in a Domestic Violence shelter and struggling with addiction. The woman struggling with addiction was now down to suboxone, and hadn’t used any illicit drugs for a couple of weeks. The shelter she was in also had drugs flowing in and out and she was at risk of using them.

Because we are a long term treatment facility and do not do detox (we don’t take anyone on drug replacement therapies either), we provided the number of a partner rehab facility and told her that we could take the woman after she completes the program.

After some serious mis-communication the helpful woman drove two hours to Cleveland, TN on 10/31 and called to let us know that the Rehab had no available beds and she had the struggling woman with her and asked if she could she bring her to us.

We were on our way to Cleveland for Halloween with the residents of our program and we decided we would pick the woman up and keep her until she had a bed at the rehab. This isn’t something we normally do, but we felt led to.

This young mother, over the next couple of days, proved that she was determined to detox off the suboxone and convinced us she was able to try it with us.

The woman that brought her to us was a member of a church in Rockwood, TN and this young woman had walked in on a Wednesday evening church service with her 4 year old daughter asking for help. They took her in and began looking for resources. Initially the Pastor of that church and his wife kept the 4 year old daughter and was able to get the woman into the women’s shelter, where she stayed until she called out for help again because of the drugs in the shelter.

If only you could have seen her then. Ashen and gaunt, trembling from fear, anxiety, and all of the other troubles of addiction. She was ill and understandably so.

Six weeks and three days later, that helpful woman, the pastor, and his wife drove from Rockwood, TN to our facility to bring the 4 year old daughter home to Mom. Today Mom is healthy, happy, has her daughter back, working a full time job making good money, and full of faith and hope for a bright future. Of course she has a long way to go, being only 7 weeks now into her recovery, but, she is on track and showing all the signs she will continue.

This is how it is supposed to work. The church didn’t judge but grabbed her up, helped with the child, and helped us cover her financial needs.

Just over a year ago Pirate Springs opened Ocoee Mist Manor, a long term recovery facility for women and women with children.

It has been a bitter sweet year as we have seen heartwarming successes and heart breaking endings.

We have welcomed 37 women over the year and had as many as 5 children living on the property at one time and a total of 9 as residents and another dozen as weekend visitors. We have had many families visit as well as children not yet in Mom’s care come to visit.

We have gone to court and seen the reunification of 5 families across the state, and we have had to advise courts of client red flags in three cases.

We have several alumni that are still clean, practicing recovery, employed and productive; and there are a few that are in jail today for non-compliance with legal requirements, or new crimes.

The reward of seeing the successes, is our reason for existing. When we receive a new client that is fresh out of treatment, and they arrive scared, nervous, full of self-doubt and self-loathing, and we get to watch the transformation to a confidant, courageous, productive, spiritual women, full of hope and joy, this is the reward of our labors. Seeing the light come back on in their eyes, watching them as they see their child(ren) for the first time in who knows how long, knowing there is a chance that this one may not have to suffer from active addiction again, this is the paycheck that erases the pain of our hard work.

We have been operating at capacity since we opened, and hear regularly that we need to expand. We have the room, but not the finances.

If we are going to increase housing capacity we also need to build a commercial kitchen as the one we have now is stretched to accommodate cooking for the 12-15 we cook for daily.

We also are working on creating a prevention video and presentation that we have previewed portions of to rave reviews, but need funds for production.

We need a 15 passenger van (at minimum), a playground for the kids …… we need ….

We are praying that the year ahead will bring champions into our midst that can and will help us accomplish our goals.

With 11 days left in the month we have increased our donor contributions by 36.3% over last year, increased our program revenue by 5.6%, and added $5,726 to our balance sheet (equity), so for three years we have proven we are a viable agency, able to accomplish our mission and stay within budget.

Lives are being saved, the Opiate Crisis is in our battlefield, and we are making a difference. If you are looking for a critical mission to support, please just take a closer look at us. Call and talk, or schedule a visit. The community needs us, and we need you.

Paul G. Hook
Pirate Springs
You can mail a check, or give online at but please, do something!

Please Help and Forward

*** This was Posted 3 weeks before we moved into this facility.  Now we just need ongoing support to continue to serve these women. ***

She Needed Help

  The last woman we brought into our home, Jolene, wound up leaving after our attempt to buy a property for women hit a snag. 



That mother of a 9 year old boy will never see another chance at recovery. She relapsed and is now deceased.


  We now have another woman staying in our home, while others, many others, look for a place to go. 


Tara, mother to a 7 year old boy, had 7 years clean, but lived isolated from others in recovery, and relapsed.


She wound up on Life Support with a heart infection and complications causing a series of mini strokes and requiring open heart surgery for a valve replacement.


  She needs longs term recovery and continued fellowship to stay clean while she finds a new way to live. 

Brody needs his mom.


Pirate Springs Ranch 

A property that we have had our eyes on for over a year is still available and the terms have changed to make going forward a reachable goal.

The owners are willing to rent this property to us so we can start providing service, and acquire licensing, which is what will enable us to purchase the property with very affordable terms.

This property can house 10 women immediately.
  This is the Western side of a 4 room  detached bunkhouse with two twin beds in each room. 


  This home is laid out perfectly for recovery. 


3Bd 2 Ba on the main level with two living rooms and community sized Kitchen and Laundry rooms.


A 2,400 square foot unfinished basement is crying out for 4 more bedrooms.



36 acres, cross fenced, with large pastures and two Barns for Equine Therapy horses, and several building spots, enables Pirate Springs to fulfill the Vision we believe is our purpose, to provide long term recovery in a serene environment while encouraging a productive work therapy routine.


$15,000 is our goal This initial amount insures 4 months of operational safety. 

Our partners (Treatment Centers, Recovery Court, etc.) need us and ensure that they can provide clients to keep us full.

Occupancy covers the 50 % of the costs before we bill any insurance or the State.


Click through the link below to Donate Now! 


Please help.  This will be the gift that keeps on giving as we grow this facility to help dozens at any given time. 

There is no shortage of clients, and there is a high demand for more recovery beds.

 Pirate Springs is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization and all donations are Tax Deductible.    


Pirate Springs Update

I closed my last newsletter saying “We will continue next week with a discussion furthering the idea of what the community can do and what the effect should bring.”  That was on December 7th.  The following week I had surgery and it has taken this long to get back to full speed.

I will be picking up where I left off with another installment of Addiction: A Global Problem that Needs a Community Solution, very soon.

We are in planning stages for this years National Recovery Month blowout in September and hope to keep recovery and recovery community needs at the forefront of the public sight and hearing as we start media coverage around the events of September.  This is going to be big.  Keep your eyes and ears open, and if you want to be involved, contact me.

When it comes down to the final solution around drug abuse, and addiction, the only two possibilities are prevention and recovery.  I believe that holding recovery out in the public view is an important part of prevention.  This we plan to do this year.

Our involvement with Tennessee’s Faith Based Coalition movement, is really picking up steam.  Our next meeting here in Bradley County will be on May 25th with the location to be announced next week and a planning meeting to be scheduled during the first week of May.  If you are interested in participation with this movement, again, contact me.  You do not have to be a church or even a faith based organization to be involved.

Finally, we have added an event calendar to our website to help keep our visitors informed of important events.  It can be found under the Events link on the main menu from any page.

You can also see it here.

We are looking forward to this year as we believe that the impact we have in combatting addiction, and supporting recovery, will multiply.    Stay tuned for what is to come from Pirate Springs, and those we work with in this endeavor.

Putting the Concept into Practice

In the series, I have discussed a paradigm shift that is necessary to start making an impact in the war on substance abuse and helping people recover from the ravages of their disease.

This entry is not really an addition to the series, but more of an announcement that what we preach we are trying to put into practice and an invitation for you to attend a meeting on this topic.

Here in my home state, the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse is backing an initiative to create community centered Faith Based Coalitions.  While there are many organizations, groups, and individuals that address the problem of substance abuse on their own level, there is strength in numbers and we believe that in order to truly create a community solution, those who are involved or even just concerned will accomplish more if a unified strategy is created and followed.

To that end, there is a meeting on Thursday, January 19th, 2017 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm to begin organizing such a coalition in Bradley County.

It is not necessary that you live in Bradley County to attend, feel free to come and see what we are trying to accomplish with the thought that the same concept might work in your community.

We could use your input, your help, and your care for the community and those who live in it.

Please click on this link for information and to register.

PS – The break in the Newsletter series is due to a surgery and I am only now getting to where I can type again.  I will resume the series in the next week or two.

Paul G. Hook
Pirate Springs

Channel 3 kicked off National Recovery Month with this!


Free Screening of Anonymous People

This free event, hosted by Pirate Springs, will take place on September 20th at 7:00 pm (doors open at 6:30 pm) at:

 The Church at Grace Point

2575 Old Freewill Rd.

Cleveland, TN 37312

To Register:


Why Pirate Springs for Recovery?

Because you’re worth it!  The moniker we use “helping you dig deep to locate the buried treasure within yourself” isn’t just some catchy slogan, it’s what we believe.

Everyone, no matter how deep in their disease, whether it’s addiction, alcoholism, or a residual syndrome from abuse, has a treasure within which will not only cause the individual to shine as a new productive member of society once found, but allow the individual to be an example to others of the success that can be achieved if they are willing to do the work.

National Recovery Month

Pirate Springs will be participating in National Recovery Month (September) by hosting a viewing of “Anonymous People” in Cleveland, Tennessee. The Date, Time, and Location will be decided on and announced by 8/1/16.

We hope to see you there!


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