The Map has been released.

Treasure Map

Starting on September 1st take your map and go to the Waypoint Locations to get your Map Stamped, and, if you see something you like please support these businesses that have shown they care by being part of this event.

On September 23rd, bring your map to the Camp Jordan Event and turn it in at the Treasure Station and for every stamp on your map we will put a ticket in the Treasure Chest for the Treasure Drawings (there will be many).

You must be present to win!

Throughout the event we will have drawings and prize awards so be there early (before 4:00 pm) and stay to the end when the grand prize is drawn!

Also, during the 22 days of the Treasure Hunt there will be Recovery Events around Southeast Tennessee that are part of this great awareness and celebration time and we will stamp your map for attending those events as well.  You can find these events on the event Calendar color coded in Blue.

Happy Hunting Mate!